A way of performing a potentially long-running operation in a thread, and terminating it‘s execution if it hasn‘t finished within fixed amount of time.

Previous versions of timeout didn‘t use a module for namespace. This version provides both Timeout.timeout, and a backwards-compatible timeout.


  require 'timeout'
  status = Timeout::timeout(5) {
    # Something that should be interrupted if it takes too much time...

Classes & Modules


Name   Description
CALLER_OFFSET = ((c = caller[0]) && THIS_FILE =~ c) ? 1 : 0
THIS_FILE = /\A#{Regexp.quote(__FILE__)}:/o



Visibility Signature
public timeout (sec, klass = nil) {|if sec == nil or| ...}

Instance Method Detail

timeout(sec, klass = nil) {|if sec == nil or| ...}

Executes the method‘s block. If the block execution terminates before sec seconds has passed, it returns true. If not, it terminates the execution and raises exception (which defaults to Timeout::Error).

Note that this is both a method of module Timeout, so you can ‘include Timeout’ into your classes so they have a timeout method, as well as a module method, so you can call it directly as Timeout.timeout().