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Name Visibility R/W Description
all_one_file public R should the output be placed into a single file
charset public R character-set
css public R URL of stylesheet
diagram public R should diagrams be drawn
exclude public RW files matching this pattern will be excluded
extra_accessor_flags public R
extra_accessors public R pattern for additional attr_… style methods
fileboxes public R should we draw fileboxes in diagrams
files public R and the list of files to be processed
force_update public R scan newer sources than the flag file if true.
generator public RW description of the output generator (set with the -fmt option
image_format public R image format for diagrams
include_line_numbers public R include line numbers in the source listings
inline_source public R should source code be included inline, or displayed in a popup
main_page public RW name of the file, class or module to display in the initial index page (if not specified the first file we encounter is used)
merge public R merge into classes of the name name when generating ri
op_dir public RW the name of the output directory
op_name public R the name to use for the output
promiscuous public R Are we promiscuous about showing module contents across multiple files
quiet public R Don‘t display progress as we process the files
rdoc_include public R array of directories to search for files to satisfy an :include:
show_all public RW include private and protected methods in the output
show_hash public R include the ’#’ at the front of hyperlinked instance method names
tab_width public R the number of columns in a tab
template public R template to be used when generating output
webcvs public R URL of web cvs frontend



Visibility Signature
public parse (argv, generators)
public title ()
public title= (string)

Instance Method Detail

parse(argv, generators)

Parse command line options. We‘re passed a hash containing output generators, keyed by the generator name



Set the title, but only if not already set. This means that a title set from the command line trumps one set in a source file