< DelegateClass(File)

A class for managing temporary files. This library is written to be thread safe.


Name   Description
MAX_TRY = 10



Visibility Signature
public new (basename, tmpdir=Dir::tmpdir)
public open (*args) {|tempfile| ...}


Visibility Signature
public close (unlink_now=false)
public close! ()
public delete ()
public length ()
public open ()
public path ()
public size ()
public unlink ()

Class Method Detail

new(basename, tmpdir=Dir::tmpdir)

Creates a temporary file of mode 0600 in the temporary directory, opens it with mode "w+", and returns a Tempfile object which represents the created temporary file. A Tempfile object can be treated just like a normal File object.

The basename parameter is used to determine the name of a temporary file. If an Array is given, the first element is used as prefix string and the second as suffix string, respectively. Otherwise it is treated as prefix string.

If tmpdir is omitted, the temporary directory is determined by Dir::tmpdir provided by ‘tmpdir.rb’. When $SAFE > 0 and the given tmpdir is tainted, it uses /tmp. (Note that ENV values are tainted by default)

open(*args) {|tempfile| ...}

If no block is given, this is a synonym for new().

If a block is given, it will be passed tempfile as an argument, and the tempfile will automatically be closed when the block terminates. In this case, open() returns nil.

Instance Method Detail


Closes the file. If the optional flag is true, unlinks the file after closing.

If you don‘t explicitly unlink the temporary file, the removal will be delayed until the object is finalized.


Closes and unlinks the file.


Alias for unlink


Alias for size


Opens or reopens the file with mode "r+".


Returns the full path name of the temporary file.


Returns the size of the temporary file. As a side effect, the IO buffer is flushed before determining the size.


Unlinks the file. On UNIX-like systems, it is often a good idea to unlink a temporary file immediately after creating and opening it, because it leaves other programs zero chance to access the file.